Truck Driver Lifestyle

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Truck Driver Lifestyle

The trucker community is distinctly social. Whether face-to-face at truck stops or conversing over the CB radio; truckers are known to share tips and driving routes. The trucker community may be perceived to be unpleasant; however, truckers are very helpful to new drivers and inexperienced drivers. In the driving community, truckers are deemed “Kings of the Road.” Truck drivers have been represented in many films and on TV as rough and rugged. However, in the truck driver community, truckers are viewed as knowledgeable and resourceful.

The truck driving occupation has become popular from representations in music, movies, and media. In early 2007, the History Channel created a TV show dedicated to the trucker lifestyle entitled, Ice Road Truckers. The television series Torchwood also depicts the lifestyle of a trucker named Hal. Although the lifestyle is depicted in movies, TV and the media; the illustration my not always be accurate. The lifestyle of a trucker includes:

* Driving for long hours

* Various weather conditions

* Extended periods away from home

Although the occupation has witnessed an alluring depiction; the job is extremely challenging. The lifestyle of a trucker can be demanding; however the experience is rewarding.

The Hours

Most truckers try to maximize the amount of time spent on the road. If a trucker wants to make as much money as possible, long days are inevitable. The hours can be unpredictable as well. Some shipments may be delivered in the middle of the night and some may be delivered in the afternoon. If a truck driver wants to make good money than long hours are an expectation. However, truck drivers must keep a daily driving log and not exceed 11 hours a day (in most cases).

The Weather

Driving in various weather conditions is a hazard of the occupation. Although it may be sunny in Chicago, it may be unsafe in Texas. Safety is first responsibility in trucking. However, bad weather does occur. As a driver becomes more experienced over the road; shutting down or puling over for bad weather occurs less often. Technology and in-board computers have also made it easier for drivers to stay up-to-date with current weather conditions.

The Food

The food at truck stops and distribution centers is not as bad as many assume. These locations realize that drivers need to eat; and word travels fast over the CB radio. Restaurants always require new customers and a reputation for good food can quickly develop. For that reason, the food is usually great. Although nothing compares to a home cooked meal; truck stop food is a reasonable accommodation.

In general, the lifestyle of a trucker is demanding. The lifestyle of a trucker includes long hours, various weather conditions and time away from home. However, if the driver can withstand the conditions then the experience can be rewarding. Overall, the trucking community is social and very helpful to new and inexperienced drivers.

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